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Sapa O'Chau wants to preserve and promote ethnic minority culture by creating awareness of traditional handicrafts and help women buy food, educate their children and get fair income.
In the past, when the world’s peoples lived more self-sufficiently, it was essential for skills and knowledge to be passed on to the next generation. For example, fabric weaving, batik writing and jewellery making. However, today many ancient skills are being lost around the world because young people do not see them as necessary or valuable – It’s simply easier and more time-efficient to buy machine made products.
Through our hands-on workshop, we hope our guests can experience Hmong culture first hand. You will learn how Hmong weave, batik, cook, embroider, and pray for recovery. It is an introductory session to Hmong ethnic minority crafts. If you are interested in in-depth focus sessions on specific crafts, we can customize an itinerary for you too.
You will also trek to a cave to stretch your legs. The cave has three wooden statues with bracelets from locals hung on them. The locals have to invite a shaman to the cave to pray for a bracelet from the statue. This bracelet will be given to the sick child to help the child recover. When the child recovers, the locals will have to invite the shaman back to the cave. This time the locals have to bake a cake, bring a live chicken and a new bracelet. The shaman will hang the new bracelet on the wooden statue in place of the old bracelet. He will kill the chicken to offer the statues. They will feast there and return home else the bad spirits will follow them home...

 Time  Hmong Handicraft focus option suggested itinerary
 8:30 Meet tour guide at Sapa O’Chau cafe and take a car ride to Ta Phin village handicraft about 30 minutes
 9:00 Weaving introductory session and hands-on about 30 minutes
 9:30 Batik introductory session of tools, style and hands-on about 30 minutes
 10:00 Dyeing of batik introductory session and hands-on about 30 minutes
 10:30 Hmong/Vietnamese cooking brief introductory about 1hour 30 minutes
 12:00 Lunch and rest 
 13:30 Trek from Handicraft workshop to a cave where locals ask for blessings to help their children recover from illness
 14:30 Embroidery introductory session and hands-on about 2 hours 
 16:30 Drive back to Sapa O’Chau Cafe - Tour ends!


Price per person in US$
 Pax   1 pax  2 – 3 pax  4 – 5 pax  6 - 10 pax
Price / Pax $87 $62 $54 $50

English speaking guide, village entrance fee, lunch, car, all materials at workshop, breakfast

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